Double Glazed French Doors

Double Glazed French Doors
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Building Up With French Doors

With building land becoming ever more valuable and scarce, builders and developers are always looking for new and innovative ways to increase the feeling of space and light in modern homes.

Legal enforcement for ensuring the retention of green belt land means that the urban sprawl is being kept at bay. It is very reassuring that there will always be open and green, unspoiled areas where city dwellers can enjoy fresh air and the countryside.

With a lack of countryside area for developments, it becomes even more important to look at the best use of space that is available within town and city limits. When the actual ground space is limited, one of the ways that architects can bring more living space to a restricted plot is by a couple of rules.

Double Glazed French Doors

One is that they can start building upwards and over recent years there has been a remarkable increase in the volume of three story houses which are being built. Traditionally, we Brits have not been too keen on apartment living which is the obvious maximum space saving way to live. However, increasing the number of floors within houses can enable builders to create sizable family living homes into smaller floor spaces.

Three story houses can still have a traditional look and appearance to them. Many designers now are using French doors in bedrooms on the second floor of buildings to retain a balanced look from the outside. On the inside of the building, having French doors in bedrooms allows much more light to come into the room and gives homeowners a feeling of extra space, in what are often smaller rooms in new build properties.

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French doors can open out onto small verandas and especially where a house enjoys decent views, a very pleasant Sunday afternoon can be spent sitting outside in such a place. The family living areas in three story houses can often be slit over the ground and first floors. Especially in house designs which have an integrated garage on the ground floor, developers can often ‘run out of space’ on the ground floor to house kitchen, dining rooms and lounge areas.

One of the answers being employed is to have large family kitchens on the ground floor with casual kitchen dining areas opening onto the garden via patio doors. The ground floor can accommodate utility areas and cloakrooms. This then allows the first floor to be used for the main family relaxation and lounge areas and a first bedroom and family bathroom or master bedroom suite.

Second story bedrooms and bathrooms can benefit families by having additional space between noisier living areas from young children’s bedrooms or noisier teenagers.

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